Konektiv Nights present fresh new musical collaborations melding together the diverse musical genres and cultures the individual musicians come out of. This radical connection of varying creative approaches allows for the searching of exciting and unexpected results while symbolizing the complete refusal of prejudices geared towards foreigners and minorities.

Upcoming events

Konektiv Night Vol. VII

Alfred ve dvoře, Prague – 6 November 2024

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Past events

Konektiv Night Vol. III Revisited team

Konektiv Night Vol. III Revisited (Almost)

Punctum Krásovka, Prague – 19 March 2024

Four years after the COVID-induced online edition of Konektiv Night Vol. III, the performances took the stage again, this time in front of a live audience.

Natálie Pleváková and Andrea Rottin performing at Konektiv Night

Andrea Rottin & Natálie Pleváková

✧ Natálie Pleváková is a composer and sound artist. Andrea Rottin (Oswaldovi, Neuvěřitelno) is an Italian musician working with folklore, unique vocal styles, guitar, and drums. Together they fuse together post-digital narratives and spaghetti western.

Mt. Florida and Nikol Štrobach performing at Konektiv Night

Mt. Florida & Nikol Štrobach

✧ Mt. Florida (aka Dora Orin Rodriguez) and Nikol Strobach move in between trance-like beats with nightclub aesthetics and moody expanses of carefully thought out ambient soundscapes. At times eerie with a velvety dark patina, their set doesn’t fail to bring in snatches of lightness and humor.

hiding season and Mikuláš Hamerla performing at Konektiv Night

hidingseason & Mikuláš Hamerla

✧ For their entirely new collaboration, hidingseason and Mikuláš Hamerla combined noise aesthetics with gritty soundscapes in a laboratory of new sounds and harsh surprises. Fuzzy and experimental, the duo’s sound is a morphing beast that cannot be tamed. 

Dunjingarav and Ian Mikyska

Konektiv Night Vol. VI

Venuše ve Švehlovce, Prague – 8 November 2023
Centrum Experimentálního Divadla, Brno – 1 December 2023 (in cooperation with TERÉN)
Studio Divadla DRAK, Hradec Králové – 9 December 2023 (in cooperation with MENU)

Dunjingarav and Ian Mikyska

Dunjingarav & Ian Mikyska

✧ Distinct and varied musical worlds are connected in the collaboration between composer and intermedia artist Ian Mikyska and members of the band Dunjingarav, whose repertoire is made up of traditional steppe Mongolian songs.

Sara Pinheiro and Fae Bestia

Fae Bestia & Sara Pinheiro

✧ This year Portuguese sound artist Sara Pinheiro pairs with Czech singer and producer Fae Bestia, connected by their interest in discovering new ways of expression moving on the border between music and sound.

Chaitanya Bhat and Marek Kubát

Chaitanya Bhat & Marek Kubát

✧ Deep and complex musical traditions intersect in maestro Baroque lute and its bass variant the theorbo player Marek Kubát and Chaitanya Bhat, a master of vocal techniques from the North Indian genre Khayal.

Barry Wann and Koruth

Konektiv Night Vol. V

Alfred ve dvoře, Prague – 7 December 2022
Studio Divadla DRAK, Hradec Králové – 9 December 2022 (in cooperation with MENU)

Mariana Jouzová and Qow

Mariana Jouzová & Qow

✧ Mariana Jouzová, harpist extraordinaire, and Qow, a visionary in electronic sound. Their partnership highlights the fragility and intimacy of Qow's compositions with the refined grace of Mariana's harp strings.

Alena Boada Rodriguez and Sweeps 04

Alena Boada Rodriguez & Sweeps 04

✧ Sweeps 04 weaves intricate guitar loops, creating a meditative metal soundscape, while Alena Boada Rodriguez's operatic voice adds a layer of emotional depth and versatility to their transcendent auditory journey.

Barry Wann and Koruth

Barry Wann & Koruth

✧ Hong Kong multimedia artist and musician Barry Wann takes the stage with flutist, vocalist and visual artist and performer Koruth. Combining flutes, samples and looped vocals, Barry Wann and Koruth create an expansive space taking the listener through vast, misty voyages.

Tomáš Niesner and Aldana Duoraan

Konektiv Night Vol. IV

Atrium na Žižkově, Prague – 7 December 2021

Tomáš Niesner and Aldana Duoraan

Aldana Duoraan & Tomáš Niesner

✧ The repetitive, trance-inducing sound of Aldana Duoraan’s chomus (a type of mouth harp) comes together with Tomáš Niesner's intricate guitar playing to create a spell-binding concert. Bringing the audience to the precipice of oblivion, Niesner and Duoraan created a hypnotic, magical set unlike any other. 

mudaki and Michael Taragoš

mudaki & Michael Taragoš

✧ Michael Taragoš is a master player of the cimbalom, letting loose waterfalls of crystalline notes at unbelievable speed. Sound artist mudaki captures these notes in real time and manipulates them, creating moments of surprising chaos and sublime bliss.

Elia Moretti and Ema Brabcová

Ema Brabcová & Elia Moretti

✧ Ema Brabcová, known as the voice of experimental electronic indie group Khoiba, brings her singular and tender voice to the stage with Elia Moretti’s sensitive mastery of the vibraphone. Together they compel the listener to completely submerge themselves in an experience of total being. 

Dora Rodriguez and Evil Medvěd Faolán McGowan

Konektiv Night Vol. III

Online stream from Punctum Krásovka, Prague – 7 December 2020

Because of the COVID pandemic, Konektiv Night Vol. III was a streaming affair. For the first time, the performing artists were selected by external curators – booking guru Tereza Odehnalová of MOOD booking and Ewelina Vlček-Chiu aka Ai fen, a Prague based musician and sound designer.

Andrea Rottin and Natálie Pleváková

Andrea Rottin & Natálie Pleváková

✧ Natálie Pleváková is a composer and sound artist. Andrea Rottin (Oswaldovi, Neuvěřitelno) is an Italian musician working with folklore, unique vocal styles, guitar, and drums. Together they fuse together post-digital narratives and spaghetti western.

Dora Rodriguez and Evil Medvěd Faolán McGowan

Dora Rodriguez & Faolan McGowan

✧ Dora Rodriguez and Faolán McGowan bring together fragility and roughness through a contemplative, yet playful set that incorporates sampling and live transformations coming together in a tumultuous rebirth of sound and fragmental melodies.

Nichi Mlebom and Mikuláš Hamerla

Nichi Mlebom & Mikuláš Hamerla

✧ Mikuláš Hamerla (Sekvoye, Laokoon) and Nichi Mlebom, an Austrian musician, create a combination of the bizarre and hip-hop culminating in an eccentric lo-fi, psychedelic rap.

Jan Dužda and Ai fen performing at Konektiv Night Vol. II

Konektiv Night Vol. II

NGP Klášter sv. Anežky České, Prague – 7 December 2019

Duong Ly and Niels Aras

Duong Ly & Niels Aras

✧ Niels Doucet is known for his versatility in his work with modular synths. Able to move from ambient drone-scapes to club music, Doucet has an uncanny ability to fit into the most intricate nooks and crannies. Such sensitivity was most welcome in his set with Vietnamese musician Duong Ly, who works exclusively with traditional Vietnamese instruments. Together they created a soft expanse of delicate sonic emotions, captivating and encompassing their audience. 

Ai fen and Jan Dužda

Ai fen & Jan Dužda

✧ Dark wave and screamo meets funky bass in Prague based musician and sound designer Ai fen and Roma guitarist and bass player Jan Dužda’s special Konektiv Night set. Thematically based on the experience of alienation felt by immigrants and non-white persons in mainly white communities, Ai fen and Dužda’s concert moved through pop, darkwave and folk. 

David Koller and Monika Rebcová and Papis Nyass performing at Konektiv Night Vol. I in Nod

Konektiv Night Vol. I

NoD, Prague – 7 September 2018

Profile picture of Marwan Alsoleiman and Enchanted Lands for Konektiv Night Vol. I

Enchanted Lands & Marwan Alsoleiman

✧ Marwan Alsoleiman’s range of traditional Arabic instruments brought an acoustic element to Enchanted Lands' intricate electronic landscapes in a radical genre mash up sometimes placid and reassuring and at times jarring and unsettling.

Cimbálová muzika Kyčera & Karaoke Tundra

✧ The swinging folk music of Cimbálová muzika Kyčera combined with Karaoke Tundera’s dark hip hop electronic aesthetics created an unexpected combination maneuvering between lightness and weightiness, keeping the listener endlessly on their toes. 

Profile picture of David Koller and Monika Rebcová and Papis Nyass for Konektiv Night Vol. I

David Koller & Papis Nyass & Monika Rebcová

✧ David Koller, a well-known Czech rock legend, combined his groovy aesthetics with Papis Nyass’ vibrant African percussion. Accompanied by Monika Rebcová’s performative body language poetry, Koller and Nyass created an unforgettable experience for themselves and the viewer.